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Image of David SkaricaNobody is laughing now at the "doomsayers" who predicted gold would hit $2,000 an ounce.
With $1,000 safely in the rearview mirror, gold hitting the double millennium price point stopped being a matter of "if" . . . and quickly became a matter of "when."
Some of the world's most powerful investors know the gold rush is in its beginning stages. And that's why they are pouring large portions of their enormous net worths into this precious metal.
  • George Soros, for example. He is renowned throughout the world as one of the most successful market timers. Soros’ fund has been stockpiling around $900 million in gold stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETF). Soros is a controversial figure, and you may have a strong opinion about his politics. But it's undeniable that he knows how to spot a coming economic trend. And he always plays the right cards to make a profit.
  • The "world's richest man," Carlos "Slim" Helu, is investing $350 million in 2011 into two gold mines.
  • The "world's eighth-richest man," Eike Batista, just announced his involvement in a $65 million Colombian gold project.
  • And the "world's 20th-richest man," John Paulson, has stated that 80 percent of his estimated $12 billion net worth is now in gold stocks, ETFs, and bullion. Paulson has tremendous credibility. And he believes gold is set to hit $4,000 by 2013.
These powerful businessmen built their fortunes in vastly different ways, but they all appear to be aiming to grow their net worths by heeding Warren Buffett's declaration . . .
"When It's Raining Gold, Reach for a Bucket. Not a Thimble."
Warren Buffett
Powerful billionaires don't achieve their incredible successes by being late to the party. And their investment actions speak volumes about where they think the big profits are to be found in the days and years ahead.
You just need to follow their money trail to ride the enormous wave they see coming for gold to have your shot at making a fortune.
A Historic Gold Rush Is Just Getting Started!
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